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Galleries: I want half (almost)

After a dalliance with an online Art Gallery, I have decided that the cut they take was simply too great and forced my prices far higher than I wanted to charge art lovers out there.

With this in mind, I have restructured the pricing of all the paintings that are available on my website. This has led to me feeling much more comfortable with my pricing, and hopefully provides much better value for money for any prospective buyers.

There are a few online galleries that are simply charging a monthly fee which are of interest to me, and won't affect my pricing, so I will let you know when I appear on any of those.

I'm glad I have left the "I want half" (almost) brigade behind.

On a side note, Cornwall was delightful and I enjoyed doing some plein air painting with pastels. These will be available to view in the next newsletter, so don't forget to subscribe.

Here's to many beautiful coastal based paintings appearing in the shop over the next month, along with the usual sidesteps into other genres.

Take care, and see you soon.




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